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Welcome to Mark Beal TMD, the home 'depot' for my railway photographic collection. In time this site will display photographs spanning from the mid 1980's to the present day. Living in Milton Keynes, many shots are from the MK area but many other shots are on here from Penzance to Thurso.

My interest in the railways started around 1980 and along with living within sight of the WCML and having a father who worked in Wolverton Works, my fate was sealed.

I hope you enjoy looking at present day rail operations along with hopefully some distant happy memories of days long gone by. All images contained herein are copyrighted to myself. 

This site and its content are dedicated to my late father, Eric William Beal 1933 - 1991 and to my late mother, Ann Beal 1937 - 2015. Both forever in my thoughts.

66756 Wolverton 1 December 2019

66756 Wolverton 1 December 2019

In need of a wash from RHTT duties, 66756 Royal Corps of Signals passes Wolverton leading the 6G80 1045 Willesden North Junction - Bescot.


  • 66737 MKC 11 January 2020

    GBRf 66737 Lesia stands at MK and journey's end with the 6G51 1657 ex Bescot.

  • 66735 Bletchley 11 January 2020

    66735 PETERBOROUGH UNITED is seen reversing out of Bletchley Cemex terminal before working 4H04 to Wellingborough Yard.

  • 66102 + 60055 Castlethorpe 11 January 2020

    DB 66102 pilots a failed 60055 Thomas Barnardo past Castlethorpe with the delayed 6Z26 1028 Willesden - Chaddesden.

  • 66585 + 86609 + 86607 Wolverton 10 January 2020

    66585 is seen piloting 86609 and a failed 86607 through Wolverton working the 4L75 0500 Trafford Park - Felixstowe running a whopping 210 late. Before 66585 came to the rescue the 86's came to a stand near Crick tunnel following an incident where smoke was coming from the bodyside of 86607. This service came to a stand for a second time near Bletchley before finally making to Felixstowe 215 late at 0013.

  • 66747 Bletchley 8 January 2020

    With the rain lashing down, the uniquely liveried 66747 Made In Sheffield stands at Bletchley leading the 6G60 1952 Bescot Engineers Sidings - Bletchley. Sister 66737 Lesia was on the rear of this working.

  • 66747 Bletchley 8 January 2020

    A second view of Newell and Wright liveried 66747 at Bletchley.

  • 350101 + 350113 MKC 7 January 2020

    Pioneer 350101 has sister 350113 for company with the 5N43 0105 ECS working to Northampton Riverside Sidings

  • 37610 MKC 7 January 2020

    The uniquely liveried 37610 stands at MK during a reversal working 3Q68 2122 Derby RTC - Rugby Depot via MK.

  • 60055 Bletchley 5 January 2020

    A spotless 66055 Thomas Barnardo stands at Bletchley during a crew change with the late running 6Z43 1405 Ferme Park - Rossington Loading Point.

  • 66778 Wolverton 4 January 2020

    Early morning low sun accompanied by a dark overcast sky sees 66778 Cambois Depot 25 Years pass Wolverton leading 4M08 0435 Felixstowe - Birch Coppice.

  • 88009 + 88008 Barby Nortoft 24 December 2019

    A grey Christmas Eve sees sisters 88009 Diana + 88008 Ariadne slowing for a red approaching journey's end with the 4M27 0548 Mossend - Daventry.

  • 43112 Langford 21 December 2019

    Over 40 years of HST service on the ECML draws to a close as 43112 displaying her 254029 set number crawls past Langford with a 20mph speed restriction in force whilst leading the 'West Riding Limited - LNER HST Farewell charter, the 1Z43 1101 Leeds - King's Cross.

  • 66503 Wolverton 21 December 2019

    Recently repainted 66503 The RAILWAY MAGAZINE catches the December sun on the shortest day of the year leading the 4L90 0830 Lawley Street - Felixstowe.

  • 66302 Wolverton 13 December 2019

    With a heavy bodyside coat of RHTT dirt, 66302 Endeavour passes Wolverton leading the 4L48 1351 Daventry - Ripple Lane.

  • 800109 Wolverton Works 13 December 2019

    Gift wrapped for Christmas ! One month earlier on 13 November Azuma 800109 collided at slow speed with HST 43300 close to Neville Hill depot in Leeds. Both the leading vehicle of 800109 and HST 43300 sustained considerable front end damage. On 25 November the Azuma was transferred at slow speed overnight to Doncaster Carr Depot a journey which took over six hours.The damaged vehicle from 800109 is seen here 'gift wrapped' from prying eyes inside Wolverton Works having arrived by road earlier in the day.

  • 390156 Chelmscote 9 December 2019

    A new image on the WCML as 390156 is seen passing on the Avanti West Coast launch train, the 1Z17 1033 Euston - Glasgow Central. Note the covered name under the cab side window which reads Pride and Prosperity.

  • 390155 Wolverton 9 December 2019

    Having started her day working from Wolverhampton, 390155 became the first Avanti liveried pendolino to enter passenger service . She is seen here on her third run of the day, namely the 1A24 1035 Manchester Piccadilly - Euston.

  • 390124 MKC 7 December 2019

    Run as a relief to the proceeding service (9G47), 390124 calls at MK with the 1Z47 2148 Euston - Wolverhampton and so brings the final curtain on Virgin Trains.

  • 390121 MKC 7 December 2019.

    After 22 years of Virgin Trains operation on the WCML, the time has come to say a final goodbye. 390121 operated the final scheduled Virgin service, the 9G47 2142 Euston - Wolverhampton.

  • 60009 MKC 6 December 2019

    A final look at 60009 at MK before she left for Southall, a destination she never reached. She was declared a failure whilst in Kings Langley loop, residing there for over six hours before limping to Watford Yard.

  • 60009 MKC 6 December 2019

    UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA stands at MK awaiting the passage of 66528 on 4L46 and 66302 on 4L48 before continuing towards Southall.

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