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Welcome to Mark Beal TMD, the home 'depot' for my railway photographic collection. In time this site will display photographs spanning from the mid 1980's to the present day. Living in Milton Keynes, many shots are from the MK area but many other shots are on here from Penzance to Thurso.

My interest in the railways started around 1980 and along with living within sight of the WCML and having a father who worked in Wolverton Works, my fate was sealed.

I hope you enjoy looking at present day rail operations along with hopefully some distant happy memories of days long gone by. All images contained herein are copyrighted to myself. 

This site and its content are dedicated to my late father, Eric William Beal 1933 - 1991 and to my late mother, Ann Beal 1937 - 2015. Both forever in my thoughts.

37402 Swindon 5 September 2019

37402 Swindon 5 September 2019

Tractor loose on the GWML as 37402 Stephen Middlemore 23.12.1954 - 8.6.2013 is held on a red at Swindon working 0Z38 0912 Cardiff Canton Sidings - Norwich Station.


  • 323234 Wolverton 22 October 2019

    Having arrived at Wolverton Works on 4 August for refurbishment, 323234 has been released and is the first to carry full Northern livery. She is seen her shortly after starting her journey home working as the 5Z36 0830 Wolverton Centre Sidings - Allerton TMD.

  • 66559 Chelmscote 19 October 2019

    The clouds look ominous as 66559 passes Chelmscote leading the 4L90 0830 Lawley Street - Ipswich.

  • 68033 Chelmscote 19 October 2019

    Cat on the prowl as 68033 heads south 70 late on the 0Z68 0647 Crewe Gresty Bridge - Wembley

  • 66413 Wolverton 18 October 2019

    There's a storm coming as 66413 Lest We Forget storms through Wolverton attempting to escape the forthcoming rain with the 4L46 1212 Lawley Street - London Gateway.

  • 68005 MKC 12 October 2019

    With her plain blue bodyside panel standing out like a sore thumb, 68005 stands at MKC with the Snowdonian Panorama, the 1Z32 050 Euston - Llandudno Junction. The vinyls are missing on the blue panel along with her Defiant nameplate.

  • 66745 Bletchley 6 October 2019

    Having traversed the Bletchley - Bedford branch, 66745 Modern Railways The first 50 years stands at Bletchley with 3J01 1050 Bescot - Euston.

  • 66775 Bletchley 6 October 2019

    Shades of blue as 66775 HMS Argyll sporting her naval number F231 awaits time at Bletchley leading the 3J01 1050 Bescot - Euston RHTT.

  • 66745 tnt 66775 Hanslope Junction 6 October 2019

    Happily spraying away, 66745 Modern Railways The first 50 years tnt with 66775 HMS Argyll on the 3J01 1050 Bescot - Euston.

  • 66587 Wolverton 5 October 2019

    I was hoping to catch 66587 in the sun at Hanslope but late running scuppered that idea. Seen passing Wolverton, 66587 AS ONE, WE CAN leads the 1500 Wembley Central - Crewe Basford Hall

  • 90049 Three Arches, Castlethorpe 21 September 2019

    With the sheep trying to blend in with their surroundings, 90049 is seen on a late running 1M16 2043 Inverness - Euston sleeper. The train is running 127L at this point. The delay was down to the Aberdeen portion arriving 156L into Edinburgh following a two hour delay at Stonehaven.

  • 47593 tnt 47614 Oakley 21 September 2019

    A superbly sunny early morning at Oakley sees 47593 Galloway Princess crawl past a speed restriction leading the Great Western Statesman, the 1Z02 0447 Ely - Bristol Temple Meads. 47614 can be seen on the rear crossing Oakley viaduct.

  • 47614 Oakley 21 September 2019

    Former XP64 loco 47614 passes Oakley on the rear of 1Z02 0447 Ely - Bristol Temple Meads.

  • 37521 MKC 17 September 2019

    Murmurings in the midnight hour. It is 0043 as 37521 the former English China Clays stands at MK during a reversal working the 3Q68 2129 Derby RTC - Rugby Depot.

  • 390010 Chelmscote 14 September 2019

    With the Pendolino repainting program coming to a conclusion soon, the first repaint (without the black window surrounds) was 390010 Cumbrian Spirit, seen here with the 1A24 1015 Manchester Piccadilly - Euston.

  • 66428 + 37069 Chelmscote 14 September 2019

    Named at the recent DRS open day at Carlisle Kingmoor, 66428 Carlisle Eden Mind has former Thornaby favourite 37069 for company as the pair pass Chelmscote on the 0Z69 0850 Crewe Gresty Bridge - Eastleigh Works.

  • 390117 Chelmscote 14 September 2019

    390117 Blue Peter heads south working the 1A22 0947 Liverpool Lime Street - Euston.

  • 800313 Shrivenham 5 Septemer 2019

    A broader side view of 9 car 800313 passing Shrivenham whilst heading West with the 1C18 1430 Paddington - Weston super Mare.

  • GWR HST nameplates STEAM Swindon 5 September 2019

    Further nameplates on display, all that were carried on power cars namely in order from top to bottom, 43021, 43027, 43198, 43137, 4315, 43132, 43017 and 43004

  • GWR HST nameplates STEAM Swindon 5 September 2019

    Presentation plates from 43172 Harry Patch and 43023 SQN LDR HAROLD STARR ONE OF THE FEW along with plates that were actually carried by power cars including 43155 The Red Arrows 50 Seasons of Excellence, 43147 Royal Marines Celebrating 350 years, 43087 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, 43056 The Royal British Legion and 43070 The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

  • Class 255 GWR HST Castle nameplates STEAM Swindon 5 September 2019

    A closer inspection of four of the new Castle GWR HST nameplates.

  • Class 255 GWR HST Castle nameplates STEAM Swindon 5 September 2019

    A visit to STEAM in Swindon to view the GWR HST nameplates, not only previously carried plates but also the new nameplates to be applied to the 2+4 GWR HST sets. This image shows all the 22 new Castle nameplates on display. The plates depict an image of a 2+4 HST set with a representation of the castle placed above it. The whole list of names is as follows; Cromwell's Castle, Chun Castle, Tregenna Castle, St Michael's Mount, St Mawes Castle, St Catherine's Castle, Trematon Castle, Launceston Castle, Kingswear Castle, Compton Castle, Berry Pomeroy Castle, Okehampton Castle, Castle Drogo, Powderham Castle, Rougemont Castle, Taunton Castle, Dunster Castle, Walton Castle, Cardiff Castle, Caerphilly Castle, Newport Castle and Chepstow Castle.

  • 66564 Swindon 5 September 2019

    Carrying an advert for train driver vacancies at Freightliner, 66564 crawls to a stand at Swindon with the 4L38 0956 Wentloog - Felixstowe.

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