Welcome to Mark Beal TMD, the home 'depot' for my railway photographic collection. In time this site will display photographs spanning from the mid 1980's to the present day. Living in Milton Keynes, many shots are from the MK area but many other shots are on here from Penzance to Thurso.

My interest in the railways started around 1980 and along with living within sight of the WCML and having a father who worked in Wolverton Works, my fate was sealed.

I hope you enjoy looking at present day rail operations along with hopefully some distant happy memories of days long gone by. All images contained herein are copyrighted to myself. 

This site and its content are dedicated to my late father, Eric William Beal 1933 - 1991 and to my late mother, Ann Beal 1937 - 2015. Both forever in my thoughts.

66768 + 66751 Wolverton 2 April 2023

66768 + 66751 Wolverton 2 April 2023

A sunny Sunday saunter for 66768 + 66751 Inspiration Delivered Hitachi Rail Europe pass Wolverton as 0Z39 1212 Bescot - Didcot.


  • 47813 Hanslope Junction 25 May 2023

    The last rays of sun capture 47813 on the Northern Belle running in connection with the Chelsea Flower Show working as the 1Z49 1845 London Victoria - Manchester Piccadilly.

  • 66718 Ledburn Junction 24 May 2023

    Carrying a revised London Transport livery and renamed earlier in the day, 66718 Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill Imber in the County of Wiltshire passes heading for Crewe.

  • 66763 + 66718 Ledburn Junction 24 May 2023

    With renamed 66718 on the rear, 66763 Severn Valley Railway is caught in lovely light leading the 5Z63 1921 Wembley - Crewe HS.

  • 66520 + 197108 Roade 24 May 2023

    66520 leads TfW 197108 past Roade with 6Q51 1649 Wolverton Centre Sidings - Crewe Basford Hall.

  • 43274 Roade 24 May 2023

    Ex EMR operated 43274 leads the 1Q18 1159 Crewe Up & Down Pottery Loop - Derby RTC via Euston.

  • 66545 Roade 24 May 2023

    66545 leads the 4M87 1113 Felixstowe - Trafford Park. The 66 had earlier worked south on the 4L89 from Crewe to Felixstowe.

  • 769927 Wolverton Works 22 May 2023

    Long term resident 769927 finally departs the works bound for Long Marston. Vehicle 77342 is the first out seen reversing onto Stratford Road.

  • 769927 Wolverton Works 22 May 2023

    Vehicle 71798 follows 77342 out of Wolverton Works. The remaining two vehicles from 769927 departed for Warwickshire the following day.

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